Hawaiian Culture Center

…………………Koa Ike’s Policy on Indigenous Knowledge

………It is the policy of Koa Ike and Marae Ha‘a Koa to require any person,
class, institution or agency that receives any of our services (teaching, site visits,
cultural consultation, etc.) to sign (or, in special cases, assent to) the following:

………Whereas indigenous knowledge is a property right protecting what has been
passed down in its integrity from generation to generation through trained elders of
a people and its family’s traditions, values and wisdom, plagiarism and cultural
misappropriation is a crime, both internationally and in the United States.

………Therefore, we, the undersigned, will always acknowledge fully any use of
what we have been taught by Koa Ike kupuna (elders, specialists) and will
provide a copy of that use to Koa Ike. We will ask and obtain permission to
film, photograph or record and will provide a copy of said recordings
(visual or oral) within a reasonable amount of time after the visit,
presentation or consultation. All of this will be done whether in lieu of
payment, honoraria or grant, or in acknowledge of the Hawaiian value of
ho‘e ho‘e (give, give; returning a gift with a gift).

………We, the undersigned, will not use any indigenous knowledge for monetary gain,
including grants, without prior written permission.

Organization or Person

Signature of Responsible Person

eMail and Phone Number

Date of Visit or Activity

Purpose of Visit

Intended Use of Information Gained

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